Not the Milky Way, a pot of golden mead, in the making.
Not the Milky Way, a pot of golden , in the making.

Just after the honey harvest is a great time to make mead, whilst it is perfectly acceptable to make mead now and drink it in around three months, our preference is to leave it for a year to mature and mellow, as this produces a much smoother and fuller, rounded flavour.
Due to the success of this year’s mead (Made 2015), it made sense to increase the amount of mead that would be ready for  2017,  we also decided to up the game somewhat and produce a variety of mead’s.
As such this entire weekend saw us laying down 2017’s mead supply, next year should be interesting (Hic!).

Last years mead was in fact ‘‘, a much stronger mead made with a lot more honey, everyone who sampled the mead commented on how smooth, and strong, it was.

This year we focused on five mead’s including.

Sack – Duplicate of last year’s success, twice the amount of honey with added fruit and spices
Traditional  – A dry and also a medium sweet mead – A straight four to one ratio to produce a delicate wine like mead
Metheglin – With added herbs and spices
Melomel – With added fruit, herbs and spices
Cyser – A Melomel type mead with the addition of apples

We made over 90 litres which should yield around 85 litres once quality tested (An important stage that needs repeating often)…….filtered and bottled.

Three large vats and three small gallon containers
Three large vats and three small gallon containers


Any questions feel free to get in touch.
We will update the post the mead progresses.


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