Lots of honeybees are taking off and landing today at Heathrow, activity has been high for many weeks, the weather today is awesome and set to remain so over the bank holiday weekend, we expect swarms imminently, good job we have put swarm traps out.


First time this year we have had a near crystal clear sky, just a few whisps remain.
There is a gentle breeze keeping things fresh, but certainly, nothing that would hamper with the bees.

Essentially it is a perfect Spring day for our girls to do what they do best, working so very hard to forage for pollen and nectar, pollen is the protein, the building blocks essential for brood rearing, the nectar is the carbohydrates that fuel all this activity.

Honeybee colonies all have something in common at the moment, huge build-up of numbers, it is essential that brood rearing happens quickly and en-masse to swell the size of the colony, ready for the summer foraging.



As you can see the bees are indeed active, this particular colony have bees that are quite dark in colour, they are not true native bees but are near-native mixed with a touch of Carniolan.
Given the calm temperament and solid productivity, they are definitely keepers.



In the above image, you can clearly see the honeybees are much more stripey, definitely a lot of Italian bee in the mix, we will keep an eye on them, so far, they have been gentle to handle and not too swarmy.


We will continue to post updates on a weekly basis, there is always something new to see, the trick is having the camera to hand at the time.


Have a great beekeeping year

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