If 2014 was anything to go by 2015 may be a very good honey bee season!
Good as in, many more swarms.

Last year I had the privilege of collecting many honey bee swarms from a variety of situations.
Some were quire challenging, from a flattened leaf entangled in other plants, having to un-bolt a garden bench chair from the concrete on one occasion, several collections were at head height hanging from trees, these were a comparative cakewalk.
All the while I was at the mercy of the of course, they could depart at any time.

This is the main reason to get to the swarm as soon as possible and ensure you ask the folks who report the swarm if they would be good enough to phone you back if the swarm moves on.

Last year I built a bee hive each time I collected a swarm, this year due to time constraints I’m taking an entirely different approach having bought the hives wholesale in advance.

This year I am also trialling plastic beehives, whilst this flies in the face of purists, bear in mind they are food approved, have a ten year service life minimum, do not need painting and are cheaper overall than a purchased wooden quality equivalent.
Whilst I have them all in green, they do come in some great colours, white, yellow, purple, blue, really nice and bright, the do not really care, it is more for our benefit.
Every thing is plastic, from the stand, base, brood chamber up to the lid, and having dropped a few of the lids I can say they are very tough.

In addition the frames are also heavy duty plastic, I have also sources plastic foundation, which is coated in was (I’ve subsequently added further coats of was but more about that later).
Looking forward to seeing how these new hives perform, as long as the bees are happy, we are all happy.

I’ll post later when I receive the colourful bee hives, until then, below is a trailer load ready to do.

Happy 2015 swarm season.


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