A short video of bees fanning during a swarm collection.

The swarm landed on a shrub and literally caused the shrub to flatten down, their was nothing substantial to lift the swarm from.

This swarm had to be collected by cutting several leaves that formed the bulk of the main swarm and putting them in the collection box, no need to shake the bees from the leaves they are quite happy and it provides a little familiarity.
If you cannot see the queen no problem, you will know when the queen is in the collection box as the rest of the swarm will soon follow, which they certainly did.

This is why the primary objective is to get the queen in the collection box, then all you need to do is stand back.

The fanning honeybees expose the Nasonov gland (white-at tip of abdomen) releasing pheromone to entice swarm into the box.

Enjoy the video.


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