and we are off, a month earlier than last year.

Also becoming an annual event, my wife Sue, today called to me whilst I was in the office.

Sue: Is that a swarm out the back?
Me: It won’t be a swarm, it’s hot, they are just active.
Sue: You sure, looks like a swarm!
Me: Pretty sure, hang on I’ll take a look.

Me: That’s a swarm, let me get my gear.

This has happened for several years now, it appears 2020 is no different, my good lady spots swarms from great distances, lucky me.

Bees at hive entrance
Come on in everyone.

As folks who know me will attest, we will always collect any and all swarms reported to us.
We always provide a beehive, and, after a period of quarantine, to ensure the bees are healthy, we place them in one of several beautiful locations, laden with foraging.

First Swarm of 2020
Such social creatures, we could learn a lot.

Not a single attempt to sting during the swarm collection, or whilst filming (Without a suit).
The majority of honeybees are very placid, no bee-suit is required.

Given their nature, I am really looking forward to bringing this colony of bees on throughout 2020.
If they really perform, they will have great breeding potential, for locally adapted honeybees.

Gentle honeybees settling into their new home.

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