This swarm collection was more accurately a colony collection, I say colony as the honey bee swarm had actually settled into a plastic bin and their were traces of honeycomb on the underside of the lid.

It is always good to point out the difference as it does impact, to a degree, how you go about collecting the bees.

I could not simply turn the bin upside down and shake them out as the bin was full of rubbish (and a quantity of rabbit droppings, which the bees seemed fascinated with).

When I took the lid off the bin their was a small cluster hanging form the lid, this usually is where the queen will be but this is not a certainty.
As it turned out the bees streamed in, as you will see form the short video below, however the queen was obviously still in the bin ad when I arrived to collect the box of bees the next day, the entire colony was at the top of a tree hanging from a branch around 2.5 metres from the ground in a tight corner.

What followed was interesting and I’ll post the information later as the owner of the property has also promised to send some photos she took.
Does not happen often as other folks usually disappear the moment I shake aswarm into a box, go figure..

Back to the video below, I’ve positioned the camera from below, the collection box was placed on top of the plastic bin, and I’d had already shaken into the box (Gently), the cluster of bees hanging from the lid, several handfuls of bees fomr the bin were also place into the box.

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