One of my first colony’s (and the only one I ever purchased) the hive was kept in our large garden early days, but has now been moved to the apiary.

This particular colony were so aggressive to everyone else (except me for some reason) that I had to re-queen them, in a way this did sadden me, as they are the most productive colony, however! The happiness of my own queen bee easily surpassed my liking such a productive hive.
Indeed they would chase my good lady around the garden, they also gave the grandchildren a scare, no provocation, no perfumes or other known aggressors were present, the colony’s queen had to go in favour of a more friendly mated Buckfast queen.

A short clip I took immediately after placing the new queen into the hive.

The colony accepted the new queen readily, even the attendant bees in the queen cage were accepted.



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