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A post submitted yesterday on LinkedIn describing a great opportunity for business to support our humble of our food and food .


our food with pollination


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), offsets the social impact of a business. It also improves the value of that business.

The decline of the honey  population is getting a lot of media attention, due to the impact upon pollination of our foods and food crops.



Business does have a social impact, always has, always will. Progress and impact are bedfellows, the much-needed balance is usually under the bed, in a bedpan.
Not the best metaphor, but CSR does appear to be in a state of perpetual catch-up, consider moving beyond regular CSR.
At the risk of creating a four digit acronym, consider effective corporate social responsibility. Over a CSR tick in the box.
Effective CSR gains approval across many groups, consumer, shareholder, employee, local community, even government. This leads us onto:

A honey bee colony can be likened to business, busy , each bee with a clear role. The goal! Productivity, growth and survival of the colony.
Bees are , the direct economic value of by insects in the EU is more than 14 billion euro annually.

Bees are in decline and genuinely need all the help we can muster. Why they are in decline, there is no single reason, it is an accumulation of several impacts. Impacts driven by human interaction, including commercial advancement and international importation of goods have played a role.

We have recently secured an area that can support over 300 bee colonies / hives. In summer there are up to 55000 bees in a colony, 300 colonies equate to more than 16.5 million bees pollinating our food.
To house and manage large areas of honey bee colonies takes considerable investment! It would take several years to fully populate just this one area, let alone the others we are looking at.

Our goal is to boost the population of honey bee colonies by being creative.
We hope this goal could be an outlet for responsible CSR, it benefits everyone. It just makes sense, what synergy we could achieve whilst providing an outlet for what is, a huge CSR tick in the box.

Recipe for viable CSR outlet

  • Make the base
    • Take areas of suitable land
  • Mix thoroughly with responsible business
    • Certificate of responsible CSR (Limited numbers per area)
    • Provision ongoing colony protection, care and management
    • Create honey-bee / pollinator sanctuaries
    • Stimulate procurement of beehives and honey bee colonies
  • Bake for many months
    • Honey bee colonies increase, creating millions of honey bees. (Which in turn contribute to the insect pollination of our food crops).
  • Periodically stimulate
    • Provide evidence of support for honey bees and pollination
    • Communicate by way of editorial, imagery and video to stimulate interest
    • Employer and shareholders receive a sense of balance
    • Provide employees, consumers and local communities a sense of pride
  • Serving suggestion
    • Corporate supporter has its’ rewards
    • Pure honey, as taken from specifically supported hive/s, company labeled subject to level of commitment


CSR that genuinely resonates with employers, employees, shareholders, consumers, local communities, government?
Makes us feel great about CSR, provides ongoing interest and also contributes directly to the pollination of our food and other crops

A literal, food for thought.

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