A gorgeous morning at Heathrow, above, the sun breaking over one of the several biodiversity sites that surround Heathrow Airport.

At this time of year, when the temperature drops below eight degrees the stay warm and safe in their beehive.
When the sun warms the site to above eight degrees the foraging bees will begin appearing from the beehive, their endless task being to ensure enough provisions are foraged for, returned to the colony, processed and stored.

Only this single-minded approach ensures that the colony will survive the long cold winter, by having enough food stores and have an excess so the colony can start to build up early spring, just ahead of the earliest nectar flows.


Below the third week in November and the bees are incredibly busy despite very good levels of stores, they do not know how to leave things to chance, they simply do what is required of them to protect the colony.



Even at a time when stores are well guarded, bees can be very gentle when approached calmly and with respect.



All the colonies across the various biodiversity sites at Heathrow are monitored closely to ensure they are healthy and have appropriate stores for winter.

We will continue to monitor the colonies throughout winter and help prepare for their emergence as strong colonies.
2017 also heralds the start of Heathrow’s native dark breeding program, where we will select the best colonies to breed the next generation of queens.


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