Mid February’s springlike warmth and clear skies heralded a lot of activity in the beehives.
This was an opportunity to get up close and personal, to see what the honeybees were up to a Heathrow.


One of BeekeeperTom’s hard-working honeybees returning with pollen baskets full.


As you can see there is plenty of activity as pictured above and below at one of the beehive colonies at one of Heathrow Airport ‘s biodiversity sites.
It is imperative to check on your colonies when they begin to fly late winter early spring, given Heathrow has it’s own micro-climate which results in it being a few degrees above the rest of the UK most of the year, the seasons tend to begin early and end later than the rest of the UK.


Busy bees returning with plenty of pollen, guard bees on the door ensure the colony is protected.


There are several sub-species of the western honeybee, we feel it is important that our colonies are native or near-native honeybees as they are best suited to our climate.


As you will see form above, once you get up close and personal, honeybees are quite pretty creatures.
When treated gently and with respect they will interact harmlessly with people around them, we took these photo’s a few inches from the entrance, our own stocks of native and near-native bees, are very gentle, they simply got on with their work.


Looking forward to another productive year with our honeybees, they are fascinating creatures, no matter how many years you care for bees, you see and learn something new on every visit.



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