In total, eight new recruits (pictured) turned up, dressed in keeping protective outfits and learnt more about , their habits and their hives which can contain 50,000 bees plus a queen.


THERE’S a real buzz these days about all things natural and home grown and one of the increasingly popular pass times is bee keeping. Stratford-upon-Avon and District Association held what they call a taster day recently at Luddington Village Hall where anyone interested in keeping bees could attend to find out more about the profession.


“We decided to run a taster session to help people understand how bee keeping works. If they like the starter day they can sign up to our bee keeping course which lasts for seven sessions, I think once they get started people do find bees fascinating,” Mike Osborne from Stratford Beekeepers said.

Bees collect pollen and nectar on their hind legs, which they take back to the hive to help feed young bees. They communicate using pheromones and when they discover a new area rich with pollen they return to the hive and perform a vibrating figure of eight dance in the dark which tells fellow bees at what angle they have to fly to find the new pollen source.

Stratford Beekeepers’ introduction to begins on Tuesday 16th February and costs £75. Anyone interested in attending can contact Mike Osborne on telephone 01789 731745 or email: [email protected]


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