A combination of several things!

Of course their is the potential for honey, that golden nectar, brimming with goodness, it is a wonder we have such easy access to it, well relatively.

Over and above the honey, it was a simple choice based on several factors!

First and foremost, find a polar opposite for the rat race, I own and operate several business, they are a means to an end, not a reason for living.
I was not looking for another hobby, more a new and different experience that would ground me from the rat race, it had to be something that actually mattered, was important to me, and others, and with the great potential to be enjoyable.

But why keep bees?
To me, it is something that matters.
Irrespective of whether you support the theories and research, for or against man made chemicals affecting bee populations, they are on the decline.
Understand, those who know me would certainly not describe me as a tree hugger, (Not that I have anything against tree huggers) but once the illusion of immortality wears off and you become mature enough to realise that you are mortal, those who follow will do so in your shadow, you take stock and simply decide to get busy on what really is important, living and creating great memories and hopefully a positive legacy.

As with all things I enter into, I do tend to enjoy solid research prior to making an informed decision, rather than jump in I researched the prospect of beekeeping for over a year, my family had kept bees for generations although I had no involvement whatsoever, all beekeeping activity and paraphernalia had long since gone, but there was the backdrop, of many tales of what many might look upon as hard core beekeeping.

The initial goal is to create healthy and happy bee colonies without attracting the retail expense for things many claim you ‘must’ have.
My Uncle had little more than a head net, his Father not even that, he kept colonies in boxes, no foundation or frames, hence the term hard core!
With that said bee stings do smart a little, so early days I did use a cheap beekeepers suit, being new to this it was inevitable I would inadvertently annoy the bees from time to time.

and did I, but not in ways you would think!

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