Late yesterday I received news of two swarms.

Both were resting on pallets, I thought ok, near where a bee farmer has their bees, I know they clip their queens so that must explain why both swarms are resting on pallets.

This morning I went up to gather the swarms!
The first was as described resting on a pallet it seemed quite small, so  I walked to the next swarm, it was also on a pallet as described but much larger.
I walked further to a third pallet and lo and behold another swarm.
OR were they swarms at all.

A cold shudder descended down my spine when I realised what they were!
The remnants of foraging bees because the bee farmer could not be bothered to collect the beehives in the evening when all foragers had returned.

The result of what I was seeing was thousands of forager bees, no queen, they would die with no supporting colony and there was nothing I could do about it.


Unfortunately, the bee farmer is a known established name in the area, having taken bee business name from local village, and I have no desire to go and talk to them about it given they have a reputation for being anti-social at the best of times.

Keeping bees should be licensed, it should be regulated and anyone mistreating bees should be banned for life.
I am a bee farmer but today I am ashamed to call myself one.

Instead, I am no longer a bee farmer, I am a commercial beekeeper who gives a damn, never ever would I treat colonies of bees with such contempt.
Such a massive shame that for the sake of waiting a few hours, 10’s of thousands of bees will die.


Shame on him.

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