This is great news as every little helps, when it comes to protecting our .


Bees will benefit from the funding boost.

A scheme set to be launched by the Government will give £900 million over the next five years towards improving the environment and the countryside.

The Countryside Stewardship scheme is offering £85 million to support projects next year, including those that improve pollen and nectar sources.

Bees and pollinators are one of four main priorities for the scheme, which is being run on a competitive basis for the first time this year.

Money will be awarded to those who make the biggest improvements in their area.


Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss said: “This is the first ever countryside stewardship scheme that specifically combines help for bees and pollinators as well as , woodland and rivers.

“This will mean more margins and meadows with colourful wildflowers in our countryside. Productive farming goes hand in hand with improving the environment.”

Work could include year-round food, shelter and nesting places that wild pollinators, birds and other farm wildlife need to survive and thrive; sowing nectar flower and winter bird food mixes; or increasing flower resources on grassland and on field margins and managing hedgerows.

Pollinators such as bees, hoverflies, moths and butterflies play a key role in securing the UK food industry, with as much as one third of the food we eat pollinated by bees.



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