BEE END IS NIGH: Insect decline could wipe out humans, experts fear

SOMETHING is killing all the – and the implications for humanity are seriously grave.

Bee protest against neo-nicotinoid fertilisers
INSECTICIDE: Protesters outside Parliament call for neo-nicotinoid fertilisers to be banned


and wild bees are fighting for survival, but it’s a losing battle and their numbers are plummeting.Recent winters have colonies dying off at rates as high as 53% in Europe and 40% in America, Greenpeace data shows.And with up to 75% of human crops being pollinated by the flying insects, the food we depend on for survival is at risk.

“We need to replace these nutrients. It will have a huge health impact.”

Professor Mark Brown

For honey bees, the decline is being driven by a blood-sucking parasite called the destructor which is known to spread viruses.

While loss of habitats is blamed for the danger to wild bees, with more and more of the countryside being stripped of wild flowers and developed.

Now experts are warning of “a huge health impact” as the falling numbers hit our harvests and start driving down the food supply.

Professor Mark Brown of Royal Holloway, University of London, told Daily Star Online about the devastating impact we face.



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