Many of you will have heard whispers regarding small bee hive beetle A.K.A. Hive Beetle.

Unfortunately is much like varroa, it’s coming and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

With freedom of movement of goods and services globally and across Europe, do expect all manner of nasties to make home on our island, it is, unfortunately a given until we put in border controls similar to Australia, where all goods coming into or out of, or just passing through Australia are fumigated.

At the current pace we have less than two years, let us hope clever bods in white suits can alleviate or eradicate the problem.

It does beg the question, rhetorically, how would our lovely British Black Bee cope?


Hive beetle progress updates

figura-1-zona-protezione-calabria_0  figura-2-zona-sorveglianza-sicilia-calabria_0

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