Team building day. BeekeeperTom handing a frame of bees to a participant.
Not all beekeepers wear bee suits.

We are now taking enquiries from business interested in running an inclusive team-building activity.
The program will draw all team members into the story. tailored to highlight your corporate messaging.

See example which ties in directly with Heathrow 2.0 corporate messaging

Traditional team activities measure success based upon informal command structures, which end up being informally led by strength, agility or intelligence.

Today’s team activity will draw you, and every team member, into the story.
A story that builds interaction, curiosity, knowledge and common interest.

This helps build ‘great’ teams, proud to be part of the story.
The honeybee is a story of a safe, respectful, high-performance workplace, working to improve every day.

A story where you matter, where you shape your community, your future, and your world.

Heathrow Airports Story

Introduction to Honeybees – Two years and Three Months Later
The honeybee experience program for Heathrow staff has now concluded.
That is over 1150 folks, and the feedback for this corporate team event has been incredibly positive.
Attendees were not expecting to handle honeybees let alone look inside beehives.
The overarching response is that they never knew just how wonderful these tiny hard-working creatures are.
Or how much they give us in terms of health, medical and human food crop benefits.

Included in this activity was, as part of a local regeneration project, the transformation of approx. 2.5 acres of scrubland into a vibrant growing space with wildflowers, fruit, vegetables and native heathland.

Heathrow T5 Security volunteers started volunteering on the site in early April 2017.
Over 1,500 staff in groups of 20 have donated their time, every Friday, over a two year three month period, exceeding an amazing 10,000 hours of work put into this project.

Your Story

BeekeeperTom will create a program that draws upon your business messaging.
From within a fun, fast-moving morning session, your group will learn of the wonders of honeybees ‘and’ how it relates to your corporate messaging.

The session begins with a lively classroom-style introduction to honeybees, then onto a hands visit to the beehives.
The session, culminates in a honey tasting session, highlighting the vast array of different kinds of honey provided by honeybees.s

BeekeeperTom also provides

Honey Bee Awareness – Providing education for schools, #honey bees are the public relations face of insect pollinators, critical to the success of growing many food crops and plants.

Bee Improvement Program – BeekeeperTom has set up breeding programs in Hampshire and at Heathrow to improve local/native honeybees.