Read the statistics on how 16 to 24 year old think honey is produced, a case for more grass roots education!

They’ve obviously never seen a fish if they think that! A new study has highlighted this, and many other food misconceptions.

Who’d have thought that the humble fish finger would cause such confusion for the young adults of today.

A fifth of young adults think fish fingers are made from the ‘fingers’ of fish, according to a new study.

The study, by Rowse Honey, highlighted the alarming – or hilarious, depending on your way of thinking – lack of knowledge that 16 to 24-year-olds today have about where food comes from. One in seven said that potatoes grow on trees, while others were confused about the origins of pork chops, veal and lamb.

Honey-specific questions produced staggering results. One in six surveyed thought that make syrup, and one in eight that bees have to be squeezed to get the honey out.

A further quarter said they were “confused” about whether it’s wasps or bees which make honey.

Many said they blamed their lack of knowledge on ready meals and the fact that food is pre-packed and ready-made on supermarket shelves.

Not surprisingly, a quarter said they were “embarrassed” by their lack of understanding. Can’t say we blame them!




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