This wonderful little honeybee is either looking in her own reflection or directing the film of her sisters
This beautiful little honeybee is either looking at her reflection or directing the film of her sisters


While assisting a new beekeeper collect a , we thought it would be great to video the collection.

Little did we know that the honey- in the image above would brush us aside and get involved! She did a great job, below is her short 6 x speed video, the directors cut.


in the swarm are often described as looking angry. They are merely arriving, departing or milling around.

The swarm process is quite natural for ; it is the old queen that leaves the colony, and with a good number of the colony.

The result can be a seemingly angry cloud of bees or a cluster of bees about the size of a rugby ball hanging in a tree or hedge, sometimes the swarm spreads out on a tree trunk or rests on a car.

There is no rhyme nor reason, it is purely down to where decided to stop temporarily, the swarm will send out scouts, once enough scouts return with a consensus that a new home has been identified, they move on.


The reality? Swarms are pretty placid, they are rarely aggressive as the bees have no young or larvae to protect, they are in transit, stuffed full of food for a trip that could last three days or so.

So next time you see a swarm of bees, think, there is the old queen and her worker bees looking for a new home.

Then call your local association, they will be pleased to provide them with a new home.


Happy swarm collecting.











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