12th October 2016 – Heathrow Airport invited BeekeeperTom to stage an event at their head office, The Compass Centre Nelson Road Hounslow Middlesex, the event was held alongside the Green Corridor charity.


The morning looked a tad overcast at daybreak near the apiaries.
Heathrow Airport has significant and beautiful areas of , some were identified in early 2016 as ideal for  beehive apiaries , as a result, 24 have been places around Heathrow Airport.



Pulling up outside Heathrow Airports head office, the sun broke through the clouds.

The sun soon came out

Early morning sun breaks through the cloud over Heathrow's head office - Compass Centre
Early morning sun breaks through the cloud over Heathrow’s head office – Compass Centre


The event walked folks through a story, video of swarms, the beehive, and on to the gorgeous and even some honey drizzle cake, the walkthrough culminated with an overview map of Heathrow’s bio-diversity sights.
It is unusual to be in a position where you can state, that honey came from, right there (As we pointed to the map).

Setting up the event prior to the many, many folks stopping by.


The event was hugely successful and we are hoping to stage a second event prior to Christmas as our boxed gifts sold out quickly and we resorted to taking many orders.

All profits from this and other events go to the Heathrow Breeding program, subject to raising both the interest and the funding, beginning 2017 we are creating at Heathrow, one of two, native / local dark bee breeding programs, the other being at Blackmoor in Hampshire.

Many thanks for reading, any inquiries or questions, please contact BeekeeperTom on his blog site www.beekblog.co.uk





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