DAVID Martin (Letters, May 28) draws attention to the falling numbers of the UK’s bee population, and advocates the private gardens in the suburbs as providing a source of nourishment for the .

Authorities spent a fortune each year in cutting roadside verges and central reservations. Instead of providing colour what we get is a bland green coverage.

It isn’t as if the councils were awash with money, they are being forced to economise as much as possible. Why not use that money and manpower to try to repair some of the potholes and leave the bees more nourishment? It would also stop the lane closures which such operations entail

DAVID Martin is a correct to point out the seriousness of the reduction in the bee caused by the use of certain pesticides. However, there is another reason.

Badgers dig up the ground-nesting wild bees’ nests and eat the brood and honeycomb. In the days when farmers were allowed to manage the badger population this was obviously much less of a problem, but now, with a very rapidly growing population of protected badgers, it is an increasing problem and wild bees are struggling.



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